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Love Jugs Original Bullet Design
  • Love Jugs Original Bullet Design

    Love Jugs Bullet Design Engine Cooling System
    • Powerful and effective cooling system
    • Simple installation can be completed in a few minutes with included instructions
    • Weld free, aircraft quality stainless steel
    • Product that will never blister, chip, rust or suffer from vibration fatigue
    • Fans are quiet and 100% waterproof
    • Provides the needed air flow on the hottest area of your engine's cylinders
    • 5-1/16″ diameter fans
    • 256 cfm 3lbs 2.1oz
    • 1-year manufacturer's Warranty
    Love Jugs are by far the most powerful and effective cooling system available. There are some that say that Love Jugs’ superior power is overkill, nothing could be further from the truth. Don’t believe me, here is what the Buell engineers quote in their US Patent application for a forced air cooling system. “The higher the volume of air flowing over an air cooled motorcycle engine, the more effective the cooling fins are at transferring heat from the engine to the air.”
    SKU: BD-320
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