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Love-Jugs Frame Kit


There are literally thousands of Harley Models. Factors like the year of manufacture, frames, engines, rubber mounted engines, solid mounted engines, customs, etc. all play a role in producing varieties. Therefore, a comprehensive list of “Will fit” models for the Frame Mount Kit is not possible to publish.Here’s the sure-fire way to determine which mounting system works on your bike.

1. Look at your Harley’s horn mounting bracket. If you see a rod bolted to the center of the horn bracket that connects to a bracket welded to your frame, the rod is in the way of the FMK, so the FMK will not fit your bike. In that case the Vibration Master is your best choice. Do not order the FMK if your bike has that stabilizer rod from the engine to the frame.

2. The Frame Mount Kit is engineered to fit Harleys with a square back bone frame section located directly under the tank. Using a flashlight, look at the frame that is directly above the horn, you should see a flat surface, that’s the bottom section of the square tube. (NOTE: If you see tubes to the rear of the tank, you are not looking in the right place.) These tubes are welded to the square tube section of your frame. Again, look directly above the center of the cylinders.

Once you have determined that your bike has that square tube section, and does not have the stabilizer rod, chances are very good that you can use the FMK. You just need to verify that there is no tie rod or other obstructions such as an ignition switch in that area. Here are the exceptions …

If you have the new engine with the water cooled heads, The FMK will NOT fit your bike. There are cooling hoses in the area that the FMK needs to be mounted. Also, these rubber mounted, water cooled models shake excessively at idle. We do not recommend that any Love Jugs cooling system be fitted to these bikes until our new FMK becomes available in the near future. Like all Love Jugs products, the Kit will match the high quality standards our customers expect of all Hammerhead products.

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